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If your preference is to do a zoom presentation as opposed to a one on one presentation at the show house, please complete the booking form below and select your date and time and we will be in touch.

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Here is a look at how we will be operating

Kent Gush Properties is committed to keeping you, our clients safe during these unprecedented times.

With more stringent measures being instituted by the South African Government, we at Kent Gush have put in place the necessary protocols to ensure we are working carefully and responsibly within the current guidelines.

It is incumbent on us as experts in the property industry to provide our clients with a healthy experience whilst functioning in this unusual business environment.

As of 1 June, Kingfisher Creek has reopened for viewings and here are our commitments and expectations when visiting our sales centre.

Covid-19 Guidelines:

  • Our dedicated sales agents will be available for one on one presentations at the sales centre between 8am – 6pm, Monday to Sunday. By appointment only.
  • Kent Gush Properties will ensure that each Estate Agent has received the appropriate training on the Directives issued on Covid-19 workplace.
  • All appointments will be by appointment only and limited to one ‘set’ of buyers at a time in the Show house.
  • Our sales agents will be required to at all times wear the appropriate face masks and additional disposable masks will be made available to any purchaser that may require one.
  • The show apartment will be wiped down throughout the day with sanitizers.
  • Our agents will be required on a daily basis to confirm they have no noticeable Covid-19 symptoms and temperatures taken prior to any scheduled viewings.

Your appointment:

  • Keep it Clean: Sanitizing your hands before entering the property is mandatory and will not be waived under any circumstance. Our agents will ensure hand sanitizers are available at each of our viewings.
  • Full disclosure: We don’t mean to be nosy, however all visitors are required to complete KGP Declaration detailing your current health status and recent travel information. This measure works both ways and our staff have been instructed to be fully transparent on their health and travel movements.
  • Hands free: at no time will bodily contact, including handshakes, be extended.
  • Maintaining social distances: Whilst it seems rude, we ask that clients and agents respect the 2m perimeter guide.
  • Free movement: So not to cramp your style, we will ensure free movement through the show house as much as possible – we ask that you reduce the amount of contact you have with the surfaces, handles and light switches.
  • A register will be taken and all stationery will be sanitized between each use.

Beyond times of crisis Kent Gush Properties guiding value has always been to ensure that our customers and staff are looked after. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, this remains our core focus during this time of social distancing.